The art of manliness for women … where unclogging toilets is concerned

Place newspaper on the floor

Since I have to be the man around the house some of the time when DH is away on job assignments for years. I find the Art of Manliness website a rather useful resource.

I always argue with my husband about how to unclog the toilet (the crime of which my kids are the most guilty perpetrators). He insists it must be done his way (which works) using the toilet brush or a bent hanger. But this method drives me really crazy because it is just so disgusting to have to deal with the dripping implements (even with gloves on), and particularly how does one clean a toilet brush stuffed with poop afterward? Aaaargh …. and the men never think about things like the soiled toilet floor, because even if they unclog the toilets for us, they leave us the nasty job of cleaning up the mess on the floor. So I like a bit of planning ahead, and prep like decking out the floor with newspapers before tackling the messy task.

After checking out a number of websites on how to unclog a toilet, this is my favorite: The Art of Manliness website’s “How to Unclog a Toilet” handles a distasteful topic rather tastefully. (Wikihow‘s “Unclog a Toilet” is a distant second) Since we have only soft clogs, my favorite way is to use liberal amounts of bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and a bucketful of hot water, and to leave the clog to resolve itself overnight…without having to touch or soil a plunger, hanger or other tool. (Laundry detergent or dishwasher detergent and hot water are recommended good alternatives.


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