The subdued colours of spring 2012 … post-Fukushima

Last year we stripped our garden of surface soil and every fallen leaf and of our groundcover plants. It hurt … gone was all our beautiful dense and thick thyme groundcover that had provided a green blanket over the whole garden when other plants were quiet, over bare patches, and also burst into tiny balls of purple profusion when in flower.  So you’ll see many bare patches in our garden now, but life emerges once more… thank God.

Emerging life...

A little colour seen in the garden now

The colours are somehow rather subdued this year ...

Except for the erica bushes that always seem to be so sunny when all else is dead from late winter to early spring ...

And what would we do without our dear daffodils?

Our plum fruit tree powers up with lots of blossoms ... hopefully it will give us as much fruit as it did last year to make fruit wine with


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