A walk in my neighbourhood

Our local cakeshop

Our local “cakery” is sort of visited as much for its whimsical architecture as for its sweets & confectionery. Its design reminds one of the Ghibili Museum, and inside its charming rooms, skylights, tower, are every bit as charming as a Ghibili setting.

Traditional Japanese home

As different as the above structure, nearby is a stately Japanese home complete with its own traditional garden and little persimmon and plum tree orchards. The residence looks like a miniature version of a Japanese castle. Also nearby, is the local shrine.

Stone guardian (one of a pair) of the shrine

Shiratori Jinja, Asao ward, Kawasaki city

Rather curious assortment of offerings and evidence of tree veneration

Prayer flags

Few hanging, having been blown away by one of the worst storms in local history

A stroll through the local shrine, the Shiratori-jinja (White Bird Shrine) near DS’s middle school, we were pleasantly surprised to see the lovely fluffy/puffy red camellias in the shrine grove…the most charming aspect imho of a shrine.

The fallen camellias lie as if having been artfully arranged by somebody for a lovers’ tryst or sth…

Shrine groves are some of the remaining pockets of traditional plants and evidence of ancient gardening in today’s over-urbanized Japanese cities.

A natural shrine grove of a lesser known shrine is almost unmanicured…

Some brassica peeping out from beyond the fence gate in the lane up from the shrine

I noticed a ramshackled old residence for the 1st time though I’d walked this way a number of times before … no longer hidden from view, because it was visible to my view due to the still early undergrowth …

Old shackhome / Japanese “cottage”

in yet another small private open garden nearby, I was trea ted to the utterly charming views of frog statuary… and spirae japonica..

This is I think, the 3D realization of a character in a famous Japanese brush painting…

Japanese Spireae in bloom

and equally romantic country lanes dressed with cherry blossom petals.


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