For sharp fashion sense – Miranda Kerr’s my favorite go-to-pinupgal!

This reminded me of my college-days, post-college years, the look to pull-together that never goes wrong for the young girl going out into the career world, is that of the sharp French girl look… Time to get  back to “that look”.  Oh but those to-die-for shoes…

This also very Frenchy style, throw on a scarf accessory…

It’s been such a very long time, since the humble white Tee has looked this good! But see a close runnerup for the terrific Tee-contender below (from the 2013 NY spring collection)…

New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 Models


Comfy casual looks so cool on her … for the rest of us, some earrings and a sailor scarf might distract from less-than-perfect faces

I want to be seen shopping in Nice or Paris in the summer dressed like this!

An entirely flawless ensemble of picture-perfect photo shoots …and an utterly inspired and workable wardrobe  from Style Bistro — check the rest out:

15 Reasons to Love Miranda Kerr’s Style
From funky footwear to darling dresses, find out why we can’t help but adore Miranda’s look!


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