Day one – kitchen clearout bootcamp

Goal: To achieve the luxurious feeling of being served by a butler, and/ having breakfast at a resort!

BEFORE photos

I had to make room, so started by throwing stuff out of four cutlery and bento drawers, and two utensil drawers, followed by shelves of a steel rack.


Because I had my cutlery in so many different places, to re-organize them I ended up clearing out and throwing out the contents of eight drawers, and two cupboards. Here are the AFTER PHOTOS Below…


imageimageimageimageimageMoved the mugs from the window sill to the bottom shelf where the cutlery had been formerly.imageimageBreadmaker, tea caddies, coffee on shelves 1-3 and cleaning sheets kitchen roll and bento bags on the lowest shelf.

FINALLY, I bought a “butler wagon” for under 3000 yen, got rid of cutlery drawers altogether, they will now be wheeled out by the “butler” at every meal to the table! I have wanted one for a very long time…tadaaaa….


Do you like the arrangement A above or B below? Cutlery on top of trolley, in the middle basket are jam, honey, parmesan, and in the bottom basket are nori and furikake toppings for Japanese dishes.



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