NHK ASAICHI stain removal tips

These tips by the Super Housewives’ Tomokai Friendship Circle were featured on NHK TV this morning. Decade-old yellowed shirts looked impressively newer than new shirts after treatment in the show.

Taking notes for myself, and for posterity:


Getting rid of food stains – use dish detergent

Gum – put ice on top to stiffen gum, then peel off

Blood stained items (and stains by organic fluids) – use grated daikon (daikon oroshi) rub directly onto the stain or spot.

Foundation, makeup – wet a rolled-up and tied with a rubber band handtowel, hit the stain/spot, pound the stained area


Dull blackened socks and other yellowed clothing items

White shirt – make a paste of purin sekkin 50g with 500 ml water, roll up microfiber cloth and pound on the neck or othee stains, then wipe off, use also on white socks. And use also on gas stove stains

Fill a Spray bottle of PVA purinjo senzai. Treat spots by spraying directly onto the spot. From 100 yen shop purinjo solution. Coat stained section, wash in the washing machine as usual

Additional effective washing tips

Use a large net for each person’s clothes, clothes that get entangled leave stained spots in trapped clothes untreated.

Yellowed underwear

“Te-iron” (hand iron) method:
(After washing as above) – fold wet yellowed shitagi undershirts and other underwear- fold sleeves and shirt into quarter and slap and pound to remove wrinkles, then hang to dry

Pillow-covers “otou no niyoyi” can be classified into four thpes of smells – sweaty, oily, dusty, green usui-ame (slightly sickly sweet)
Kareishu occurs in men in their forties onwards.
Method: Use sekisui soda (it contains natrium) For stubborn smells, use quensan (citric acid) after first sekisui soda wash. Quensan is most powerful there is for oil and smells.

Coffee and tea stains
Fill a basin with 40 degree C. water. Place stained clothing item in the lukewarm water, pour sekisui soda directly all over the water, the warm water will remove about half of stains, and the soda the rest. This works for textile color that washed off from colored clothing items.

For the most effective treatment of stubborn stains, use:

Katansan natrium. Add katansan natrium to a basin of lukewarm water water, and dilute with water in a basin with the clothing item in it, wash gently.

Washing the washing machine

In warm water with katan-san natrium soda, wash the washing machine in one cycle, the dirt that has been stuck in the washer will surface with the washwater.

Washing white shirts

Items needed: Nylon net and wooden scrubbing washboard.
Scrub the collar using the “nylon net” wool stocking cloth.
Turn the shirt pocket inside out, use a toothbrush and scrub out the lint
In a washing machine wash white shirt for 3 minutes before other other load. Remove while soaking wet and hang to dry immediately. This is called daraboshi method.

Frequent daily household work clothes, and summer “one-piece” dresses:

Hang sweaty daily-use one-piece clothes on shower rails and shower sweat off the clothes, then quickly hang to drio dry.

Missed the suggested treatment for ballpen stains ….
Ballpen – will have to get back to this one later.


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