Dream-space makeover

I admit to being a real sloth in my bedroom, I don’t do any housework in this room except for changing and washing the sheets and linen often. More often than not, the moment my head touches the pillow, I’m out like a light.

Aiming for a restful but happy dream haven

Aiming for a restful but happy dream haven

For the Japanese, a good energy and a good start to the day begins in the kitchen, so the kitchen should be spick and span to start day off on a good footing.

But according to the “Perfect Housewife” Anthea Turner, leaving the bedroom with the bed done and the room neat sets the right tone for the day. Well that won’t work for me, for one thing, I rise at five in the morning when hubby is still a sleeping log in bed, and I traipse downstairs in a zombie state with eyes half closed. My only goal is to get the breakfast out on the table and two bento lunchboxes out for the kids. No amount of persuasion is going to get me to do my beds on top of those goals.

I bought new sunny cushions to match the blanket covers, and that was it. No fussy bedfooters for me, because I like to vacuum under the beds to make sure I get all the dust. Keep the bedroom simple and uncluttered. Cleaning takes all of 5 mins of vacuuming or floor-mopping…and the once-a-month wipe down of windows and blinds.

The Laundry on wet rainy days gets taken into this room from the bedroom balcony, so it can get messy, all the more important to keep the room clear all the time.

Bedroom mission accomplished, next goal, the kids’ bedrooms.

P.S. Dear hubby of mine promises to build me a headboard for the bed, but the bed will have to do as it is for now.


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