Kitchen makeover – Task Two – addressing the Bento Bane

Today, the big job for me is the re-organization of the drawers…especially the bento- and tupperware drawers.


Bento-making uses stuff that come in tiny parts, different shapes and sizes and materials, and are apt to get lost and to look real untidy, so they have to be classed according to function or stages of bento prep, and in receptacles of the same type to create the illusion of a unifying theme of color, texture or shape.


Now they are finally all in one cupboard top to bottom, above and below the microwave oven used for defrosting food before bento making. Lost tupper-lids have found their mates. All in one place. Nice.
Above: utensils organized according to cutting and chopping implements, measuring tools and bowls.

Kitchen utensils and tools have to be within easy reach. I just realized this: the first time you organize the kitchen, if you are the primer user, you need to be the one to organize it, to rationalize and streamline where things go. Or it usually doesn’t work.

When I first got married, my husband organized the kitchen – that was because he worked in an Italian kitchen for several years, and considered the kitchen and cooking his favourite domain and past-time.

But the system was a pain for me for too long. Not only did I have to learn and memorize where things were kept, my style of cooking differed from his, and daily bento-making was my priority, so the kitchen just didn’t work for me… I found myself traipsing in trails from different cupboards, shelves, drawers in a haphazard way all over the kitchen most of the time.

And forget model kitchens, they’re not always practical, which model kitchen or magazine features all the non-matching nitty-gritty utensils and containers you need for bento-making”???  You ned to think of your busiest routine day and retrace your tasks, path from storage to worktop counter…and store your items accordingly to nix unnecessary movement.

For example, it only needed a little tweak like switching the breadmaker with the waterpot, but it saved a whole lot of extra-walking and time on busy mornings, besides avoiding people bumping into each other trying to get past each other in all the wrong stations.

Now, since the breadmachine is now beside the baskets where the breadmixes, cereal and napkins and coasters are kept, while the hotwater is right next to the tea and coffee, which makes a whole lot more sense than before, and it looks nicer having a proper breakfast, and coffee-and-tea-station.

A tea and coffee station at last!

A tea and coffee station at last!

All things bread related

All things bread related

Now that all the utensils have been washed, dried and re-arranged and proper homes found for them, the kitchen is in half-working order.

The next step will be to organize the crockery, baking ware, teacups, and then the larder….work for another day. Stay tuned.


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