Library makeover

I have to make a start in the library-study. This room drives me nuts…this is a room I have been dreading because it involves the throwing out books – but it has to be done. My son has university entrance exams in half a year, and it takes hours to find a single title because this room is too disorganized. I have let it go for way too long. Our library-study is just bursting at the seams, and you can’t get in without stepping on books or pushing over piles of books, so here goes my best efforts. I start by removing every book wiping down the shelf and replacing books sorted.


Books can kill … in this country they can become lethal weapons. Yep, when an earthquake hits, we all run out of this room. The chandelier shakes, big fat books could come falling from the top shelves and give you the whack on the head that could be your undoing. During the 3/11 Fukushima disaster, the study lamp and white board crashed to the floor giving me a fright. So top shelves have to be secured, or stuffed so full they don’t budge.

Top shelves secured with string

Top shelves secured with string

Next task … to carve out a cozy study nook.

Oops, just noticed … I ought to fix up those loose wires under the PC!
And as always, the piece de resistance…is the window dressing.


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