Disguised eggplant and eggplant soup recipe that kids will love


Recipe 1

1. Add 75 ml milk to Pancake mix 150 ml to a glass bowl
Add 1egg,
Bacon, chopped
11/2 TBKetchup
3 TB powered Cheese
1/3 tsp Curry spice
All in sequence and mix well

2. Flour lengthwise quartered eggplant (slash diagonals on skin) with katakuriko flour
Skewer and Make a kebab-stick of the the eggplant using bamboo skewers. Should be small ones, so they can sit flat in the frypan (if you are using a frying pan instead of deep fryer)
Add the above pancake mixture to form a patty or sausage-like- shape around the eggplant kebab.
3. Use a paper towel to mop up any excess mixture from your kebab, flour lightly with katakuri flour (this will create a crunchy texture)
4. In a frypan deepfry the kebabs till brown (about 3-4 mins) in oil heated to 180degrees Celcius remove and serve

Serves 4. Lay out Dips: Maple syrup / mustard to taste /Ketchup


Recipe 2

1. Skin the eggplant and cut into thick chunks, microwave

2. Fry onions till transparent, add eggplant
–>Add cubes of raw chicken 100 g
–>Add 2 cups of soymilk
–>2 TB. Cream or more to taste
–>Salt and pepper

3. Put it all to boil gently.
Blend the mixture and serve adter dribbling some olive oil over it.










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