Recipes for making the most of your sakana grill* (Japanese fish grill)

How to use your Japanese fish grill (* the sakana grill in case you don’t know is a grill fixture located on the underside of a gas or electric stove. It is a standard feature of most Japanese homes, and is called a fish grill, because it is most commonly used kitchen device for grilling fish, the most common main protein served with rice in the traditional Japanese breakfast. After so many years of living in Japan, I couldn’t survive without it anymore!

The sakana grill grills at 400 degree celsius, the conventional oven at 180 degrees and the frying pan at 220 degrees.
According to BBQ experts, with just a few pointers to avoid burning, the Japanese fish grill produces the best effect in cooking while being the fastest cooking and crisping tool. It also produces superior texture when reheating your tempura food, compared with the microwave oven.

Here’s how you cook a complete meal on a Japanese kitchen grill at one go!

Recipe 1:

Fork holes all over your slice of chicken chop
Add honey and mix well to chicken in a plastic bag (soy sauce, op: garlic flakes/chopped finely)
Lay out in the middle of the grill

Wrap in an aluminium foil, layered inside with a sheet of cookie paper, chopped cabbage, making sure the paper doesn’t emerge from the foil.

Line Zucchini in a row on the side edge of grill and on the opposite edge with sliced Paprika

Grill all in about 4 mins.

An easy complete meal all at one go.


Recipe 2

Section nagaimo potatoes into cyclindrical slices. Sit them on the grill and drizzle some Tomato sauce or ketchup and cheese on top of nagaimo

Lay out a few slices of Tofu blocks (hard frying type) … Drizzle with olive or sesame oil. Salt and pepper or soy sauce to taste

In a sheet of aluminium foil, fold up edges to make a boat for the chopped Avocado, sprinkle salt and pepper. Serve and drizzle with shoyu condiment to taste.

Grill all in about 3 mins.

Recipe 3

On an aluminium foil, lay out cherry tomatoes – and at the same time, in the spare space toast baguette bread topped with cheese.

Grill all for 4 mins.

Mash the cherry potatoes with a fork in glass bowl and add olive oil top with chopped basil, serve on top of boiled somen noodles

Boiled egg in the grill!

Wet fully a sheet of kitchen paper towel, wrap around a raw egg. Then wrap a large sheet of aluminium foil around the egg firecracker (or candy) style, and grill for 4 mins.

This next recipe was prepared by an Italian chef:

Make your pizza dough in the usual way using a regular pizza recipe.

In a small tin tray, line with a sheet of aluminium foil.

Lay or spread out the pizza dough on the sheet of foil to the edges of the tray. Fork holes all over the dough.

Spoon tomato sauce liberally over the spread out dough, and then top with liberal layer of parmesan cheese.

Grill for 3 mins. Open the grill and add blobs of mozzarella cheese and basil leaves, return to grill for 2 1/2 mins

Where is the best spot for laying out the fish for grilling?

Along either sides of the grill, lay the length of the fish across the grill (going northwards of you with you at the center of an imaginary compass) with the head at the furthest corner of the grill, this causes the head portion to grill faster, as the head is generally slower to cook.


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