Desperate wardrobe makeover

It took several attempts to get my wardrobe into a manageable and satisfactory state this week.

I have been living with the Japanese plastic chest-of-drawers-in-the-cupboard-system for many years where you have to change over your seasonal clothes.

Before...chest of drawers left no room to hang up suits or clothes.

Before…chest of drawers left no room to hang up suits or clothes.

This created the problem where the majority of my clothes were folded. As wrinkled and creases on clothes made clothes less desirable to wear, I wore them less and less. I figured I actually wore less than 20% of my clothes as a result. I needed to find a more accessible storage solution to make the most of my clothes.

Folded away clothes leave creases and are hard to see...

Folded away clothes leave creases and are hard to see…

I made a first attempted makeover…bought a polebar and a small stackable storage baskets to hold undies and unmentionables, which go on the side, leaving central space purely for hanging clothes.

Second attempt...better!

Second attempt…better!

Oh and I got these lovely felt hangers -5 for 300 yen … But I made the mistake of hanging Tees on them. Hanging tees makes the necklines go all out of shape, and tees are something you actually want to slip off easily. The felt works best for dresses and tops that are always sliding off the hangers irritatingly and ending up on the floor.

Final attempt ... Hits the spot!

Final attempt … Perfect storage for year-round rotation of clothes

This is the perfect solution for me … I will now rotate wearing all my prettier tops, instead of living perpetually in tees! At the bottom right of the wardrobe, you can see all my T -shirts neatly folded. And no more changing over of seasonal clothes. They are all hung for the viewing.

I learnt how to fold the perfect T-shirt from a Japanese TV programme … using an A4 plastic clearfolder, you place your shirt facedown with the folder squarely on the back of the tee, and the fold the right sleeve and side of the shirt and then left side over the right and left respective edges of the clearfolder. Fold up the bottom edge of the shirt against the bottom edge of the clearfolder. Now slide the folder up and out of the folded tee. Fold the tee into half (the length of the clearfolder) and voila you have a perfectly folded tee everytime in the same shape.


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