When a teenager organizes her life and room!

Time to study! This is what a 13 yo girl's study space looks like!

Time to study! This is what a 13 yo girl’s study space looks like!

DD leads the busiest of lives of the entire family. She made team captain this year of her badminton club. She is often off to school a full hour before school starts for early morning practice, and stays after school till dinnertime at the club. When she gets home, she is exhausted, recharges her batteries at dinner, through a bath, and then it’s homework. Before she goes to bed, she has write up her report/review of their practice day, and think up new plays for the next. I think they practise around 300 days out of a year.

So in order to cope with schoolwork, she has to be really organized at home, and having her room shipshape helps her maximize her precious little free time … There’s no time to spend hunting for lost erasers, pens or textbooks or clothes for that matter.

This is her decluttered and reorganized desk, which wasn’t bad before, as she is constantly on top of where everything is and has her own system for storage and everything.

Reorganized desk!

Reorganized desk!

DD wants to do well both at sports and at academics. As a leader and captain, she feels the need to set a good example for her team. Her favorite Japanese anime series is the Tennis Prince or Prince of Tennis, who excels at everything…
Paradoxically, it was only after she made team captain and had to work twice as hard, with less time for everything, that her grades seemed to soar, before this, she was really a “just average” at everything sort of girl.

This morning she was just presented an award for the best science project at school (beating all the science nerdy boys at school!) Go girls, you show’em!


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