Freezer-fridge organization and storage in no time at all

Buying the groceries is easy enough, but stuffing everything into the fridge and freezer afterwards can take a whole lot of time, and if you are in a hurry to cook as well, your hungry kids could be grumbling about there being no food on the table…retrieving the items later could take even longer, if you stuffed them higgledy-piggledy without some kind of system or organization.

The groceries. Bags opened and snipped

The groceries. Bags opened and snipped

In the photo above, I’ve just opened a number of food packets and unwrapped a number of mushroom packets and veggie items, as well as snipped open a few soup packets, and plonked them all into a boiling pot of meat soup shabu-shabu style. The dish takes all of 5 mins to prepare. However, the leftover grocery items need to be stored away properly in the fridge and freezer

You can shorten food storage and prep time following your grocery shopping trip, if you just take a few minutes to organize your kitchen and have handy just a few items like:

– clingwrap

– plastic bags of different sizes

– ziplock bags

– bag clips

– foil or plastic food bento-dividers

– tupperwares either nested or stackables of different sizes are particularly useful

– rubberbands

Bags, ziplocks,  clingwrap, ties or rubberbands, clips (stationery ones are best)

Bags, ziplocks, clingwrap, ties or rubberbands, clips (stationery ones are best)

Why bother at all?

Food goes bad or off, and meat and cut veggies start to oxidize and rot when left exposed. Wrapping the items or better, vacuum-packing them keeps them fresher longer.

Here’s how the items above can be put to work:

Bagged, wrapped, clipped or tied, ready for storage

Bagged, wrapped, clipped, tied, or placed in tuppers – ready for storage

In the photo above, you’ll now see that clips are holding the opened soup packets together, the mushroom and veggies have been bagged and the fish and meat packets re-clingwrapped, but only after they have been separated and divided into two portions, allowing you to later thaw only the portion you need.

The items are now ready to be put away and stored.

TAGS/LABELS are your time-savers!


Here’s a tip:


If you make a few label tags and separators out of cheap plastic stationery folders, your freezer will be neat and organized, and your food items easily retrievable.


Trays and baskets with dividers can be helpful in keeping food packets straight so you can see each item in the freezer easily.



Baskets and trays (see photo below) are really useful keeping small items like lemons, ginger, onions and garlic from straying or getting lost among the larger veggies.


Other veggies (greens and cabbages together in one drawer, fruit in another, mushroom and herbs in the topmost drawer)


And voila, here’s a fridge/freezer organized for freshness and easy retrieval food prep!



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