About this space


It’s about time I decluttered my “stuff” and created a “string theory” for my life. I’ve spent a lifetime already at work, managing a great deal of things, managing my two kids and my household (I won’t say that I manage my hubby), but recently I realized I don’t make room for me and this space is a sort of an Alice- in-Wonderland-style “rabbit-hole” for me.

We can macro-manage our lives, micro-manage our lives and thoughts and ideas in reality, or we can compartmentalize them and attempt to string them together online!  Much overdue, but this site represents my attempt to sort out and declutter!

My interests at the moment are currently focused on history, literature, travel, art and movies. I also keep an archive for things to pass onto the kids someday, as well as news articles for homeschool use.

And one more thing, I’m hoping as I go along bumping stuff into this space, some kind of strategy for living will firm up.

Welcome to wade through the “junk” in my “rabbit-hole”.  It’s sparse right now, but like all spaces and rooms, they fill up quick!


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