Math books for math prowess

1. “SINGAPORE MATH” curriculum PRIMARY MATH textbook and workbook series (sample cover below)

Grades 4 – Grades 6 available in pristine condition, literally new and in the exact condition as when I bought them off the store shelves in Singapore… except for the first book in the series Grade 4A which has 14 pages that were pencilled in and then erased out.

They come in textbook lessons 2 volumes and the corresponding workbooks in 2 volumes. Textbook 5B is missing but may be purchased from at this page.

Each of their books sold individually cost about US$20=1,500 yen. I am letting go of 3 grades’ worth (gr 4-6) books (11 in all) at  2,000 yen, about a tenth of what it would cost you to purchase them from

Also available for 500 yen is the national exam for 6th graders PSLE Maths based on the latest MOE Exam format (with questions based on the pr./gr 6 exams, with answers and worked out solutions)  193 pages. Unused and like new.

FREE  Preschool – grade 1 Singapore Math workbooks  (in some books a few of the first pages have been pencilled in)

2. Amazing Math Magic ill. by Jeff Sinclair

Explains how to use well-concealed mathematical principles to perform a wide variety of all kinds of magic tricks. With the help of these math tricks, you can read minds, calculate large sums, and make predictions that work every time. Gr. 3-6. This little handbook offers dozens of ideas for math-oriented magicians who would like to amaze their friends. Actually, it’s also a good resource for teachers who want to make math more fun for their students. Whatever the audience, this clearly written guide offers tips on patter and performing as well as clear directions for tricks with numbers, cards, coins, and shapes. Cartoonlike ink drawings contribute to the light tone that makes the math more accessible. A good resource for the mathematically inclined. –review by Carolyn Phelan

3. The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure by Hans Magnus Enzensberger 500 yen

The international best-seller that makes mathematics a thrilling exploration.

In twelve dreams, Robert, a boy who hates math, meets a Number Devil, who leads him to discover the amazing world of numbers: infinite numbers, prime numbers, Fibonacci numbers, numbers that magically appear in triangles, and numbers that expand without . As we dream with him, we are taken further and further into mathematical theory, where ideas eventually take flight, until everyone-from those who fumble over fractions to those who solve complex equations in their heads-winds up marveling at what numbers can do.

Hans Magnus Enzensberger is a true polymath, the kind of superb intellectual who loves thinking and marshals all of his charm and wit to share his passions with the world. In The Number Devil, he brings together the surreal logic of Alice in Wonderland and the existential geometry of Flatland with the kind of math everyone would love, if only they had a number devil to teach it to them.

4. -8. Murderous maths series titles  by kjartan Poskitt : SOLD

These book  titles are hard to get now, and are only available in the UK, not in the US or in Japan. 5 books for 1,000 yen

* Vicious Circles and other Savage Shapes

*Do you feel lucky? The Secrets of Probability  (I have a different edition/cover from the one below)

* The essential Arithmetricks

* Desperate Measures: Length, Area and Volume

Desperate Measures (Murderous Maths)

*More Murderous Maths

More Murderous Maths

9. Scholastic Explains Math Homework – The Scholastic Explains Homework Series Author: Scholastic Books
Everything children and parents need to survive 2nd and 3rd grade math homework

Scholastic Explains Math Homework (The Scholastic Explains Homework Series)

10. Train Your Brain: 60 Days to a Better Brain [Paperback] Ryuta Kawashima (Author)

In excellent condition, not used.

Cost ¥ 1,177 new, going for 500 yen


11. Mega-Funny Division Stories: 24 Rib-Tickling Reproducible Tables With Companion Practice Sheets [Dan Greenberg] Grades 3-6

Mega-Funny Division Stories

Doing division is downright delightful with these hilarious mini-stories and problems that teach and reinforce this important math skill. Students get lots of practice with division facts, problem solving, dividing with fractions and decimals, and much more! Includes quick tips and an answer key. A great way to meet the NCTM standards!

12. The Proofs of Pythagoras kit from Learning Resources contains 3 hands on models that provide easy-to-demonstrate graphic proofs of the theorem–2 proofs by inspection and 2 algebraic proofs. Each transplant plastic proof comes in its own plastic case with lid for storage and can be  used on the overhead projector for whole class demonstration and discussion.

Use these representational tools to explore five proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem. Suitable for ages 13-17 years   Excellent condition, unused.  Was $28.50, now 500 yen.

View Large Image for The Proof of Pythagoras™


1.  計算がはやくできる (ドラえもんの学習シリーズ―ドラえもんの算数おもしろ攻略)  Was 760 yen,  in perfect condition now going for 100 yen

計算がはやくできる (ドラえもんの学習シリーズ―ドラえもんの算数おもしろ攻略)

This Doraemon math study guide is written to the student, explaining the 4 operations,  fractions and decimals, making the processes, sequences and step by step calculations crystal clear to the student.

2.  インド式 たし算 かけ算 ます目パズルで数遊びドリル ニヤンタ・デシュパンデ Indian Arithmetic Drills: Addition and Multiplication and Box Puzzle Playing with Numbers. Was 945 yen, in perfect condition now 300 yen

If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss has been about Indian math method, this book is your perfect window introduction, taking you through the steps for obtaing prowess, accuracy and speed in math  operations, mastery of multiplication tables, and ability to multiply up to 6 digits  (read about the Boom in Indian math education, see also NYTimes articlehistorical background)

インド式のなかから、いちばんおもしろい「たし算 かけ算 ます目パズル」にシフトした、大人から子供まで楽しめる、数遊びドリルです。人気の読者参加型の書き込み式です


FREE HEADstart  Test Practice in maths 2  measures place value

Contents: Count up – Scarf patterns – Ordering to 10 – Face to face – More balloons – Number patterns – Odd or eve? – Fractions – What’s missing? – What’s the measure? How many tens? Comparisons – Ordering to 100 – More fractions – Measures quiz – Fifty jump – Ordering to 1000 – Hundreds, tens and units – More measuring – Finish it off


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