Bilingual Japanese books for kids

VERY popular girls series J. equivalent to Enid Blyton for the early elementary set

 No. 1 Set of 5


Frog & Toad emergent reader J. translation, hardback

No. 2


       Nos. 4 & 5




Ella from the popular Rainbow Fairy series, and also princess tales series

No. 9 & 10


“LuLu’s & La La’s Chocolate” From the darling Maple Street patissier series

No. 11 ルルとララのチョコレート (おはなしトントン)


Changumu series

No. 12 Popular epic story about the spunky Korean palace kitchen cook apprentice who became the Emperor’s physician


39 Clues in Japanese translation (No. 5 in series)

サーティーナイン・クルーズ4 死者の伝言 by ジュード・ワトソン – see this page for English description 


How to catch a heffalump

How to catch a heffalump (in Japanese) Part of Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading series. Illustrated in full color


Classics in Japanese

Classics like Pipi Longstocking, Treasure Island. All hardbacks



Flight (Easy encyclopedic series hardbacks)

No. 21 & 22 Four titles Olympics, Automobiles, plus Ships



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