Japanese books for children

Math books:

1.  計算がはやくできる (ドラえもんの学習シリーズ―ドラえもんの算数おもしろ攻略)  Was 760 yen,  in perfect condition now going for 100 yen

計算がはやくできる (ドラえもんの学習シリーズ―ドラえもんの算数おもしろ攻略)

This Doraemon math study guide is written to the student, explaining the 4 operations,  fractions and decimals, making the processes, sequences and step by step calculations crystal clear to the student.

2.  インド式 たし算 かけ算 ます目パズルで数遊びドリル ニヤンタ・デシュパンデ Indian Arithmetic Drills: Addition and Multiplication and Box Puzzle Playing with Numbers. Was 945 yen, in perfect condition now 300 yen

インド式 たし算 かけ算 ます目パズルで数遊びドリル

If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss has been about Indian math method, this book is your perfect window introduction, taking you through the steps for obtaing prowess, accuracy and speed in math  operations, mastery of multiplication tables, and ability to multiply up to 6 digits  (read about the Boom in Indian math education, see also NYTimes articlehistorical background)

インド式のなかから、いちばんおもしろい「たし算 かけ算 ます目パズル」にシフトした、大人から子供まで楽しめる、数遊びドリルです。人気の読者参加型の書き込み式です


Easy reads

3.  フィルム・コミック 借りぐらしのアリエッティ 1(アニメージュコミックス) アニメージュ編集部 (コミック)  Was 590 yen, (like new) now only 100 yen! SOLD!

フィルム・コミック 借りぐらしのアリエッティ 1(アニメージュコミックス)

I almost never buy raw comics for the kids, but this full colourArriety or the Borrowers comic is the exception, it contains almost frame-by-frame reproductions of the beautiful Studio Ghibili movie “Karigurashi no Arriety”  SOLD!

4.  ふたりはともだち (ミセスこどもの本) アーノルド・ローベル、 三木 卓

(Maurice Sendak’s “Frog and Toad” in translation)

Hardcover in pristine perfect condition, was 998 yen, now 200 yen

ふたりはともだち (ミセスこどもの本)

5 – -8.  Utterly adorable friendship series for mid-elementary schoolkids, ultra-popular, the series has kids buying notepaper, books all manner of stationery sets with the iconic illustrations…

Each book cost 840 yen, now 200 yen each.  All in perfect condition, no dog-ears, like new. Asking for 4×200 yen= 800 yen for all 4.  SOLD

5.  一期一会 世界一の仲間。 (小学生文庫) 学研

一期一会 世界一の仲間。 (小学生文庫)

6.  一期一会 信じるキモチ。 (小学生文庫) [単行本] 粟生 こずえ (著), マインドウェイブ

一期一会 信じるキモチ。 (小学生文庫)

7. 一期一会―ちょっとの勇気。 (小学生文庫)

一期一会―ちょっとの勇気。 (小学生文庫)

8. 一期一会 スキだから。 (小学生文庫)

一期一会 スキだから。 (小学生文庫)

9.    バラの妖精エラ (レインボーマジック 49) [単行本(ソフトカバー)] デイジー メドウズ (著), Daisy Meadows

Rainbow Magic  The Petal Fairies Ella The Rose Fairy (in Japanese)  Was 840 yen, corner of one page had a tear, and was taped back, otherwise in perfect condition – 100 yen only  SOLD!

バラの妖精エラ (レインボーマジック 49)

10. ルルとララのチョコレート (おはなしトントン) あんびる やすこ

This absolutely irresistible “sweet” instalment in the confectionery series is called “Lulu and La La’s Chocolate”

Hardcover like new, was 1,050 yen, now 300 yen  SOLD!

ルルとララのチョコレート (おはなしトントン)

11. リトル・プリンセス〈2〉 おとぎ話のイザベラ姫 ケイティ チェイス、泉 リリカ、日当 陽子

This is actually a translation of one of Katie Chase’s “Little Princesses” books with a very Japanese manga-style illustration for the cover. SOLD

リトル・プリンセス〈2〉 おとぎ話のイザベラ姫

12 – 13. Based on the madly popular all over Asia”Changumu” series, Korean historical epic drama as well as anime about the life of a imperial palace kitchen cook who rose in the ranks, and eventually became a physician to the Emperor, supposed to be based loosely on a real historical character. Rich on friendship, courage, dedication and persistence as well as Korean culture themes. Large anime illustration on each page, otherwise a proper storybook that will encourage the reluctant reader to pick up reading. Each hardcover book costs 1,260 yen when new, now the pair goes for (400×2)=800 yen.

12. アニメ版 少女チャングムの夢―あこがれのスラッカンへ 藤田 晋一、 「チャングムの夢」製作委員会  SOLD

アニメ版 少女チャングムの夢―あこがれのスラッカンへ

13. アニメ版 少女チャングムの夢―新しい旅のはじまり  SOLD

アニメ版 少女チャングムの夢―新しい旅のはじまり

For upper elementary:

14. わたしはなんでも知っている (新・童話の海) 令丈 ヒロ子、 カタノ トモコ  SOLD

About a smug know-it-all kid who learns a few “new” things from an ojiichan…

Hardcover in perfect state, was 1,050 yen, now going for

わたしはなんでも知っている (新・童話の海)

15 – 19. Five exciting, action-and-camaraderie-oriented books set in a competitive table-tennis sporting environment … suitable reading for boys or girls   SOLD

All five hardcovers in the series in pristine state for (5×300 yen)=1,500 yen for the lot

15. チームみらい (新・創作) 吉野万理子 “Team Future” was 1,365 yen when new

16. チームあかり (新・創作) (新・創作) “Team Bright”  was 1,260 yen new

17. チームふたり (学研の新・創作) “Team Duo” was 1,260 yen new

18. チームあした (学研の新・創作) “Team Tomorrow” was 1260 yen new

19. チームひとり (学研の新・創作シリーズ) “Team Alone” was 1,365 yen new

20. それいけズッコケ三人組 (ポプラ社文庫―ズッコケ文庫) 那須 正幹、 前川 かずお

The comical cover belies its content, requires serious text reading, not a manga comic

Back cover flap has one wrinkle, otherwise good condition. Was 630 yen, now 100 yen  SOLD

For upper elementary ~ jr high school graders:

21.  イルカの子ディロのぼうけん ホラス ドブス、寺門 孝之、Horace Dobbs、 辺見 栄   SOLD

This book (Dilo’s Adventure) falls within the category of “living literature”. It is a Japanese translation of one of the Dilo serial dolphin books by Dr Horace Dobbs who is famous for his many books and talk shows on the Kingdom of Dolphins, see Welcome to the Wonderful World of Dr Horace Dobbs  Hardcover, good condition going for 200 yen


22.  岳-ガク- (小学館ジュニアシネマ文庫) 世良 ふゆみ、石塚 真一、 吉田 智子 Paperback (was 735 yen) now 200 yen    SOLD

Gakke is another “living book”, a story with a life-affirming message..about the training undertaken by determined mountain rescue-workers, and their peril and moving sacrifice in the face of the merciless terrain of the Northern Alps, based on the movie by the same name.

岳-ガク- (小学館ジュニアシネマ文庫)

23. 学校がアホらしいキミへ 日垣 隆 日垣 隆 (author) [ A book for all those of you who think school is ridiculous!]    SOLD


This book is aimed at junior high school students, and examines the purpose of education and challenges students (and adults) to think about the function of schooling —  reviewed at length here. Book was 1,260 yen new, is now going for 200 yen

24. エラゴン 遺志を継ぐ者―ドラゴンライダー〈2〉 (ドラゴンライダー (2)) クリストファー パオリーニ    SOLD

エラゴン 遺志を継ぐ者―ドラゴンライダー〈2〉 (ドラゴンライダー (2))

A Japanese translation of famous Eragon the Dragon Rider Book 2 by Christopher Paolini, an utterly marvelous series with richness of detail to equal that of the Lord of the Rings. It is amazing how a thick English novel becomes a slim volume in Japanese translation!

Was 882 yen new, now 200 yen.


25. ボルト (ディズニーアニメ小説版) アイリーン トリンブル、 倉田 真木

Paperback based on “Bolt” the Disney movie …a lively read and an excellent chapter book for early-mid elementary students, a few illustrations from the movie. Was 735 yen new, in perfect condition and now going for 100 yen, a steal!

ボルト (ディズニーアニメ小説版)

26. サーティーナイン・クルーズ5 闇の包囲網 (39 Clues (Other Language))

This Japanese translation of the extremely popular action-adventure-oriented series “39 clues”  book 5 in the series.

Was 945 yen, now going for only 100 yen

27.  レミーのおいしいレストラン (ディズニー・ゴールデン) アイリーン トリンブル、 倉田 真木

A boardbook for preschoolers based on the Disney movie, Remy and the Ratatouille movie

レミーのおいしいレストラン (ディズニー・ゴールデン・コレクション 44)

Was 420 yen new, now 100 yen OR FREE with any purchase of more than 1 book.

28.  The next two are part of a fun series of readers that have contemporary themes yet set in highly cultural backdrop of Japan including onsen life, etc. Both were 609 yen, but Book 6 which is missing a flapjacket otherwise in good condition, the pair of books to go for 200 yen

若おかみは小学生!PART5 花の湯温泉ストーリー (講談社青い鳥文庫) 令丈 ヒロ子、 亜沙美

若おかみは小学生!PART5 花の湯温泉ストーリー (講談社青い鳥文庫)

若おかみは小学生!~花の湯温泉ストーリー~ (6) (講談社青い鳥文庫)

若おかみは小学生!~花の湯温泉ストーリー~ (6) (講談社青い鳥文庫)
かっこいい!たのしい!!まちがいさがし 大河原一樹 as 735 yen when new  now 100 yen  SOLD


29. Hardbacks of Classics translated – 100 yen each = 800 yen SOLD

Classics like Pipi Longstocking and Pipi’s voyage, Treasure Island, Tom Sawyer,Pied Piper of Hamelin


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