What animal are you? What animal is your country like?

I am adapting this article into an English language exercise for the children …

VIEWS FROM THE STREET (Japan Times, Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012)

Tokyo: What animal do you think of when you think of Japan?

News photo

Kevin McQueenie
English teacher, 33 (Scottish)
A penguin. Anyone who’s watched a nature documentary and then been on a train during rush hour will understand this metaphor.

News photo

Ikumi Hane
Fashion industry, 24 (Japanese)
Japan reminds me of a dragon. It’s a classic Asian symbol and since last March, Japan is using the power of the dragon to rebuild.

News photo

Asami Suzuki
Sales, 33 (Japanese)
Japan makes me think of a capybara. Curious expressions and quiet and peaceful. They also love onsen.

News photo

Arthur Holloway
English teacher, 31 (English)
An ostrich. Myths aside, there’s too many people who refuse to acknowledge the darker side of Japan. E.g. sex trafficking, AIDS etc.

News photo

Sam Law
Personal trainer, 30 (Canadian)
Japanese snow monkeys. They hang out in onsens and play in the snow. They are living the dream and look damn cool doing it.

News photo

Miyuki Igarashi
Producer, 33 (Japanese)
Chihuahua. Sometimes smart but sometimes stupid. If people call they come along right away. They usually say “yes.”


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