Eyedrops to relieve dry eyes and alleviate eye fatigue: Drytect (Lion brand)

Smile Contact Drytect

Having had a problem with dry eyes for several years now leading to occasional dimming and blurred vision, eye discomfort, eye fatigue and ensuing headaches, I have been on the hunt for an eyedrop solution that would improve the situation … to no avail until now, with Drytect specially formulated for the purpose of ameliorating tear production.

Its benefits are:

1. High-viscosity water retention component and cornea protection ingredient exert superior effects in soothing dry eyes.
2. Moderately cool sensation soothes eyes.
3. Can be used for all types of contact lenses without blurring the vision.
4. Free from preservatives.


Drytect’s active ingredients
(Contained in 100 mL) Indications and effects Directions and doses
Chondroitin sodium sulfate / 0.5 g
Hypromellose / 0.3 g
Sodium Chloride / 0.3 g
Potassium Chloride / 0.05 g


Smile PIT Dry Eye

Smile PIT Dry Eye provides effective, long-lasting, super-cool eye medicine to relieve the distress of dry eye

Product’s benefits
1. Suppresses the evaporation of teardrops, preserving the moisture on the corneal surface and averting the evaporation of teardrops to alleviate dry eyes.
2. Cornea-guarding ingredient and amino acids heal overworked eyes.
3. Ultra-fresh sensation after applying drops is long-lasting.

Its active ingredients are:

Sodium hydrogenphosphate/1.52 g
Chondroitin sodium sulfate/0.5 g
Potassium L-aspartate/0.1 g
Aminoethylsulfonic acid/0.1 g

Smile 40 Mediclear


Lion also has another eyedrop called Smile 40 Mediclear that provides effective relief for itchy, bloodshot eyes and prevents eye troubles

1. Contains lysozyme hydrochloride that helps normal tear function, controls itchy, bloodshot eyes and prevents eye troubles.
2. Contains vitamin A that aids visual function.
3. Refreshing feeling on application.



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