Haircare for thinning hair problems

Usuge thinning hair

Wash or shampoo full area of head, do not avoid washing thinning area. Need to wash off shampoo residue deposits. Shower wash from back to front…tipping head forwards.
Usual way of showering by tipping head backwards is wrong.

Best to wash hair once a week, not too often, and at night when hormones are being produced.

Denpukin germs or bacteria (which cause hairloss) increase growth on skin because of moisture, so blowdrying head is important to prevent lingering moisture.
Rake through hair gently from roots radially outwards when blowdrying.

If you suffer from brittle dry skin, shampoos with coconut oils that contain cocamides are beneficial treatments.

Avoid alcohol type shampoos that strip your head of natural oils.


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