Health notes: dealing with contaminated vomit and highly infectious spills

Make a solution in a spraybottle of :

1 Cup of bleach : 500 ml water

Preprepare a large disposal wastebag (double-layered to prevent leaks), facemask, disposable gloves and kitchen towel paper.


Using 10 pcs/layers of kitchen towel paper, wipe up (otherwise the virus is able to penetrate)vomit and contaminated bodily fluids with kitchen towel paper, using disposable gloves, and wearing a face mask.

Wipe within a 2 meter radius from the center of dispersal. As you clean, take care not to contaminate your knees and clothes.

Turn out your contaminated gloves carefully not to contaminate hands and arms. Wash thoroughly all the way up your arms with warm soapy water, and make sure to also wash the sink, waterspouts and handles of the tap.


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