How to brew enoki mushroom tea

A 25 year research study showed the effectiveness of enoki enzymes in raising adrenalin production … and facilitating weight loss. From the NHK Asaichi  TV programme. Dried enoki is best, drying the enoki in the sun for 2 hours  or more, increases, releases or concentrates the active enoki enzyme 「エノキタケリノール酸」 renol(?).

干しえのきの作り方 How to dry enoki mushrooms

Important:  Dry the enoki mushroom where rain will not get it wet. Find a well-ventilated spot. 2 hours of drying is sufficient, no more benefit will be obtained from drying beyond that. Calcium and Vitamin D are also produced(?) released(?) in the drying process.

Move the dried enoki to the frying -pan and over dry heat cook for 7-8 minutes, till all the water content has evaporated. You may store the enoki indefinitely from this point onwards. (But refrigerate the dried enoki for extra long shelf life)


エノキタケリノール酸を効果的にとる『えのき茶』の作り方 Effective way to extract enoki enzyme or essence:

1. 天日干ししたえのきたけを細かく切ります。 Sun/air-dried cut enoki mushroom

2. 水を沸騰させたあと数分そのままおき、95度程度になるのを待ちます。 Place the enoki into boiling water that is 95 degrees Celsius (i.e. cooled slightly from boiling point) see above picture.

3. 保温ポットに干しえのき5グラム、お湯500ミリリットルを入れ、ふたをします。

5 grams of enoki is all you need daily (do not exceed this amount), to 500 ml of water. Cover the pot.

4. 30分そのまま置くと、「エノキタケリノール酸」がたっぷり溶け出したお茶のできあがり。

Allow to steep for 30 minutes
5. これを1日かけて飲みます。その際、中に入っている干しえのきをそのまま食べるか、しっかり絞って栄養成分を取り出して飲むか、どちらかをしてください。

The remnant enoki may be eaten, add to soups or other dishes.


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