.My daughter and I used to be really addicted to Anthea Turner’s “Perfect Housewife” programme (British TV). And programmed little domesticates we became. See the result of Anthea-ring on me below…

Our changing/dressing room has received Anthea Turner’s treatment too

And the result of Anthea’ring on my then 10 year old (now 11), below upon her room management skills …

Little girl’s wardrobe

Her toy-and-knick-knack cupboard

Needless to say, her study area received the benefits of Anthea Turner’s magic tutorials too!

Study table area

I daresay she does more tidying than studying sometimes…she enjoys it so much!

The benefits seem to be rather lasting … and more on her than on me …:)

I think DD is starting to go through my larder and kitchen drawers, I’ll report back later!


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